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Most brands have not been able to integrate print, packaging and TV into their multi channel approach, we exist to change this by delivering personalised mobile experiences to consumers, in real time, through the scanning of visual media. This makes print work harder, TV advertising addressable and packaging more interactive.

The documobi technology is a simple API, which integrates seamlessly into a brand’s existing mobile app (or a new one!) and allows a consumer to scan any type of printed collateral: brochures, billboards, packaging, photo merchandise, gift cards and even moving image (video/TV).

By using the documobi API, packaging, physical gift cards, print, and TV can be linked to digital content from inside a brand’s app. Through our system, consumers can send P2P messages by embedding user-generated content (video, audio, social) INTO digital and printed media, allowing consumers to scan and discover the content in a brand-controlled environment.

Us patent seal
Us patent seal

In October 2014, Documobi was granted its US Patent. This covers the embedding and linking of user generated content (UGC) into printed media using smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Use cases include allowing a user to embed a video into a Gift box Gift Card for a specific recipient and, for packaging, enabling the user to upload video reviews of the product.


Traditional printed media is too impersonal, too static and has no direct response mechanism.


Documobi exists to turn gift cards, photos, greeting cards, packaging and TV into dynamic, hyper-personalised digital P2P communicaton channels.


Our mission is to make all print truly interactive within the $600bn print and packaging industry for B2P2P and B2B2C communications. Having launched in 2012 and secured funding in 2015, our vision is to be recognised as the world’s leading enabler for this by 2020. This is underpinned by a US Patent, which was granted in October 2014. We already have clients in the UK and US.


  • to make brand visual media, such as packaging and TV, work harder in the mobile world
  • to allow brands to track the success of their campaign tactics
  • to elegantly solve business problems with our technology


Fuse product

FUSE allows a brand to track and amend campaign output such as TV advertisements, direct mails, POS, digital out of home and allows to deliver a cohesive and consistent messaging in real time to their target audience, all through the brand’s app.

Videecards product

VideeCards enables printed greeting/gift cards, packaging and photo merchandise to carry personal messages from one person to another without the need to reprint or redesign ANY of the existing range of products.


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