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By using the documobi API, physical gift cards, print, packaging and TV can be linked to digital content from inside a brand’s app. Through our system, consumers can send P2P messages by embedding user-generated content (video, audio, social) INTO digital and printed media, allowing consumers to scan and discover the content in a brand-controlled environment.


Traditional printed media is too impersonal, too static and has no direct response mechanism.


Documobi exists to turn gift cards, photos, greeting cards, packaging and TV into dynamic, hyper-personalised digital P2P communication channels.


Our mission is to make all print truly interactive within the $900bn print and packaging industry for B2P2P and B2B2C communications. Our vision is to be recognised as the worlds leading enabler for this by 2020. This is underpinned by a US Patent, which was granted in October 2014.

Us patent seal
Us patent seal

In October 2014, Documobi was granted its US Patent. This covers the embedding and linking of user generated content (UGC) into printed media using smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Use cases include allowing a user to embed a video into a Greeting Card for a specific recipient and, for packaging, enabling the user to upload video reviews of the product.


Pete Lancaster - CEO

Our leader and visionary, Pete heads the conceptual development of the products. An accomplished presenter, he leads the sales effort and delights in demonstrating the concept to new customers and brands. A true entrepreneur, he keeps the team on their toes!