This is up to the brand and their marketing. Our technology would be inside the brand’s app, so it would be up to the agency or brand to relay the message to their consumers. Generally, a call to action as part of the campaign would be an activator. Equally, spreading the message via social channels or where a user may see the brand (e.g. marketing emails, print, monthly statements) can inform and educate consumers to perform the required action.
Ideally a brand would have a well-established app that already has a space on a consumer’s mobile or tablet, but If the brand doesn't have an app it isn't the end of the world! We do not want to become app developers, however, we are able to "skin" an app for a brand, providing they supply us with the relevant artwork. It is up to the agent/brand to submit the app to the relevant app stores under their own developer account.
We strongly advise that you do not make logos interactive. Logos are notoriously difficult to index for all image recognition systems.
Images that have solid blocks of colour or minimal contrasts will cause problems for any image recognition software. Text-heavy images should be avoided too. When making an image interactive, avoid casting light or shadow.
documobi is Software as a Service or SAAS. We run the API, video processing and any other modules you enable. You don't have to worry about servers, security, backups or scalability/traffic. All you have to do is integrate a simple piece of code into your app and build the digital content to be directed to.
Documobi charge a click fee every time something is scanned. Through the Portal, we are able to deliver granular metadata and report in great detail on every image/campaign that has been scanned. These ‘street-level’ analytics enable our customers to measure and feedback, in real-time, about the ROI and the value of each interaction with the brand. We would suggest a "per campaign" fee, which is inclusive of X number of clicks (based on estimations). Our clicks are sold in bundles and, based on usage, you can move between bundles each month so that you only pay for what you use.
Our Portal is an agnostic API. We can link with ANY URL end point. You can send a campaign to a sophisticated, conditional-logic driven URL; or you can send it to a microsite of your website with a form fill; or you can send it to a WordPress page. The data is not ours to keep, so we don't keep it. All we keep on the Documobi Portal is a "silhouette" of a user, which is based on their device type, their scanning activity and if their the GPS (if switched on).
No facial recognition service can identify a face, despite expression etc. documobi is designed to quickly and accurately identify print, video and packaging, not faces. The only possible exception to this is photographs - because the face is in exactly the same position and we can treat it as an image, not a face.
We have data centres in Dallas, Chicago, North Virginia, London, Sydney and Hong Kong. Geo-synchronising our service ensures users don't suffer latency when scanning.
We scale up each region depending on demand. Currently our demand is primarily in Europe so all requests are sent to the London server. After buying a license we can activate servers in the region you specify.