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Using the documobiFUSE API, any brand could link TV/Movies and all printed media (including packaging and OOH) to a mobile campaign, creating and measuring hyper-personalised engagements from any media. When integrated with the brand’s CRM system, FUSE enables the communication of a personalised and contextual message, in real time, to individual consumers.

There currently isn’t anything else in the market place that allows a brand to use ONE app to scan across all of its media channels. With FUSE, one app does it all, which means the brand can track all of this data within one CRM system, then push back personal offers, incentives and information based on what they know about that individual.

For CPG/FMCG products sold by multiple retailers, the FUSE API from within the retailer‘s app will direct the image to that specific retailer’s mobile campaign.

We have recently developed our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, making interaction easier for the consumer. By using OCR we can highlight text within the interactive material to be extracted and ‘read’ by the system, allowing for further personalisation on the campaign landing page.


Across all sectors, the benefits of FUSE are clear to see. Choose a sector and see the possibilities for yourself ...


Fuse logo white
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