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TV ads: brands can do more

We can record TV from our phone, we can watch it on our phone but how can we actually interact with it, other than the Red Button?  [Sidebar: who remembers TeleText?!] For TV shows, hashtags gave us an easy platform for social commentary and now we have linked apps (eg. The X Factor), where users can second screen and engage with the app during the show AND the ad breaks. Clever!

Similarly, Shazam has gone part-way with its audio recognition of TV ads but this is facilitated by Shazam, not the brand’s app, so am I really talking to the brand? Umm, no. So how do we get customers and brands interacting directly? Enter documobi, stage left.

Documobi is taking direct response to the next stage. Our tech sits inside a brand’s existing app and enables consumers to interact with printed media, digital displays and now TV. Hold the in-app camera up to the print or TV screen, use the pinch and zoom feature to frame the content and shoot! Documobi then matches the image or video to the designated content. We can then cross-reference the results with the user’s GPS and, if the brand’s CRM is so equipped, the user’s history too so that the results for someone scanning in Highgate or the Highlands are completely different. Furthermore, this offers real-time engagement stats for the brand as the TV ad is now entirely measurable and quantifiable.

There have been many ‘interactive’ technologies for print (QR, NFC, AR, barcodes) but the problem is they don’t all work on every media channel (think of NFC on billboards – only good for The BFG) and NONE of them can work with TV. Oh and none of them can do it all from inside the brand’s app! With Documobi, every channel can now be actionable from within a branded environment, giving consumers one single UX for multiple engagements across all of the channels. Problem solved.

Let us give you a quick demo - we’re really good at them! Email us at or call the office on +44 1423 567093 (8am – 7pm GMT) and use the code word “unicorn”.


17th May 2016