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Introducing VideeCards: interactive greeting cards

Ta-daaa!! SO. EXCITED.

We had the idea for VideeCards over 6 years ago, which is an AGE in mobile! During that time the concept has never changed, just the readiness of manufacturers/retailers and consumers to adopt it. We feel that now’s the right time to showcase the capabilities of VideeCards to you all. Watch our short demo video HERE!

So, what is it?

VideeCards enables traditional greeting cards to become interactive and carry unique, individual video messages from one person to another. From a manufacturer's stance there is no need to reprint or redesign the cards, we can make ANY existing range interactive and give each design the potential to carry millions of personal videos and digital gifts. As an added bonus for customers, the sender could also attach a digital gift coupon (if the card manufacturers partner with retailers/brands), which could then be downloaded by the recipient into their mobile wallet. This essentially makes the greeting card the carrier of the present! 

How does VideeCards work?

Click HERE to see the workflow diagram. Very simply, we provide a retailer/manufacturer with our API which they embed into their app (so they are the ones building ongoing relationships with their customers, not some random 3rd party service they’ve never heard of!). Once completed, their customers can start creating and sharing video, audio and social content via the cards.  We’ve even thought about security and added in two-factor authentication so, unless you want to share your personal messages with other people, they are safe. The best bit is we own the patent for the process!

Watch our short demo video HERE!

Please let us know what you think – we’ve been waiting for 6 years to find out! If you would like more info, please email us at or call the office on +44 1423 567093 where the team will be sat, twiddling their thumbs waiting for your call. Use the code word "duck-billed platypus". 


1st June 2016