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VideeCards, part of the documobi family, is a mobile solution that enables packaing, traditional greeting cards, gift cards and photo merchandise to carry personal messages from one person to another without the need to reprint or redesign ANY of the existing range of products.

Using the VideeCards API, your brand can create a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform enabling consumers to create and share personal video, audio and social content via your gift cards or greeting cards. Two-Factor Authentication is used to ensure that the right person receives the right message and their data is kept secure. VideeCards is a unique proposition in the marketplace and it has US Patent protection to prove it.

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The granting of the patent has given documobi an unrivalled edge in the mobile technology market, plus significant traction and opportunity in the US and UK markets, most demonstrably within the packaging, gift card and photo merchandise industries.


Why do people buy gift cards and greeting cards?


We have all had that moment when you realise it’s someone’s birthday TOMORROW and you haven’t yet bought them a card or a present. Argh! Greeting cards and gift cards are sold in most shops so are instantly available. In the US alone, approximately 10 billion greeting cards and 2 billion gift cards were sold in 2015.

The Problem

While the convenience and flexibility benefits help reduce a lot of anxiety surrounding gift giving and receiving, these same features create the disadvantage of meaningful, personalised gifting. Gift cards, for example, are seen as lacking in emotion and warmth as they are generally a last minute gift!

Videecards - problem solved.


Greeting cards are given to connect people with people. It’s a way to show emotion, share messages and deepen relationships.

The Problem

Personalised greeting cards can be quite costly and you have to plan ahead to create the card. The same applies to printed gift cards.

Videecards - problem solved.


We’re living in the digital world. US adults are expected to spend 5 hours and 45 minutes per day on digital devices – with just over 3 hours of that on mobile (not including time spent talking on the phone).

The Problem

Cards are still analogue-only and do not integrate into today’s digital society. Capitalising on today’s digital behaviours offers significant advantages to card success, so adding the ability to digitise and personalise any card will open a world of possibilities for your consumers.

Videecards - problem solved.

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